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Okay, so time to elaborate on the situation I posted about last night - 

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nai. I live in Washington State; I’m queer (sexuality: shrug, gender: even bigger shrug), brainweird (probably autism, can’t afford a shrink to confirm or deny), female-bodied, unemployed, slightly disabled, and poor. I have a cat that I love very much, and I have a problem.

My dad, who I’ve been relying on for financial support, has been slowly growing emotionally abusive towards both myself and my mother over the last ~2 years. Last night (July 8th, ~11PM), it escalated when I got into an argument with him, and he shoved me into the kitchen counter. No injuries were had (just a spilled bowl of ramen), but, well… enough’s enough. Emotional abuse and yelling I can handle, because I have a good online support network, but physical abuse is… no.

Last night, I put up a GoFundMe ton start trying to raise money to move out, and I’m already amazed at the responses. Seriously, you guys are amazing. Not everyone can donate and just give money for nothing, though, hence this post. I’m a long-time crafter, specifically in jewelry-making, so I figured it was probably about time for me to get an online shop together.

And, well, here we go. Have a Storenvy.

That’s not nearly all of the jewelry I’ve been making and sitting on for the past few years; expect more to show up in the next few days. I also make paper flowers, beaded flowers/insects, and custom stencils/vinyl stickers, which will all hopefully appear in the store within the next few days. (Worst comes to worst, I’ll also do tarot readings for any donation amount, but no promises as to skill, there.)

The situation as it currently stands is this:

  • I am not in immediate danger, as long as I’m careful, but I would like to get out as soon as possible. I would be leaving on my own - while my mom would like to get out of this situation too, and she isn’t abusive, she is the next largest stressor on me.
  • I am unemployed, and while JobQuest is going to resume after I finish listing items on the Storenvy, it’s not looking likely, especially as I can’t stand without pain for long periods of time.
  • While I myself only really need a single room, having a cat puts a serious limit on the number of places I can possibly rent. Taking the cat is Not Optional.
  • I have a learner’s permit, but no working car (also a long story) and no way to get a full license.

Basically, as much as I’d like to get out, I have nowhere to go, no way to get there, and no income to keep me afloat when I’m gone. For right now, I’m working on building as much savings as I can, which means selling as much of this stuff as I can for the time being. Again, I am not in immediate danger, probably, but every little bit is a huge help.

If you live in the general area of Tacoma, WA and are looking for a roomie within the next couple months, and are okay with A) cat B) some brainweird related issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me (tumblr is shitty for this yes I know). Otherwise - 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and possibly reblog this, if you’re so inclined. Thank you super extra hard to everyone who has already donated and will buy things and/or donate in the future. You guys rock.

- Nai

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